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Pan World Magnetic Drive Pump PW-C Series


Pan World Magnetic Drive Pump PW-C Series

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  • Pan World
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  • Magnetic Pump
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  • PW-C Series
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  • PW-C Series
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  • A&S Pump Co.,Ltd


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Pan World PW-C Series (ETFE-Lined Metal Profile)
Heavy Duty Magnetic Drive Pumps For The Chemical Industry

• ETFE-lined pumps in cast iron exterior and Hastelloy C rear casing cover as reinforcement.
• Robust construction.
• 11 models with flow rates up to 1500 lit/min and discharge head of 42m.
• Can handle practically most chemicals and temperature up to 90°C.
• Adaptable to IEC Standard motor, 0.37 to 15 kW.
• Available in flange connections.with e-motor as standard and pipe connection.


Model MaxFlow MaxHead MotorPower ConnectionMethod
NH-250PW-C 230L/Min/215L/Min 13.3m/13.1m 0.37kW Flange
NH-401PW-C 350L/Min/300L/Min 18.1m/16.8m 0.75kW Flange
NH-402PW-C 440L/Min/410L/Min 25.1m/26.0m 1.5kW Flange
NH-403PW-C 530L/Min/530L/Min 28.1m/31.3m 2.2kW Flange
NH-405PW-C 570L/Min/550L/Min 34.0m/31.9m 3.7kW Flange
NH-505PW-C 800L/Min/800L/Min 21.6m/22.0m 3.7kW Flange
NH-507PW-C 900L/Min/900L/Min 34.3m/35.7m 5.5kW Flange
NH-657PW-C 1200L/Min/1200L/Min 26.4m/26.3m 5.5kW Flange
NH-6510PW-C 1300L/Min/1300L/Min 35.9m/44.2m 7.5kW Flange
NH-6515PW-C 1500L/Min/1300L/Min 40.5m/44.2m 11kW --
NH-6520PW-C - /1400L/Min - /52.1m 15kW Flange
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