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Macnaught K7 Mini Manual Lube Grease Pumps


Macnaught K7 Mini Manual Lube Grease Pumps

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Product Overview

The K7 MINILUBE® Portable High Pressure Manual Greasing System provides high-volume/high-pressure greasing in a compact and portable package. It consists of two main components, a foot operated spring-loaded pump, that dispenses grease from the container to the hose and gun and a patented high pressure/high volume KR pressurite™ gun. When the gun is set on the “high volume” position the gun will deliver up to 5,000 psi and when set on the “high pressure” setting the gun will deliver a lower volume of grease, but at higher pressures ( up to 10,000 psi). The K7 is an economical alternative to the more expensive air-operated greasing systems.

Features & Benefits
Compatible with standard 1 gallon grease containers
Can be used as a backup for power operated systems - In case of a systems malfunction or breakdown eg. power failure.
Manual greasing system - Suitable for users who need a high-pressure greasing capability but don't have or can't use air-powered equipment.
Light weight and portable - Holds more grease than a conventional handgun so it can be easily transported to the application.
Up to 6 times the grease capacity of a cartridge - less down time changing grease cartridges
Self air bleeding system when first used - No air purging necessary when changing containers
Manually operated & light weight with carry handle - Portable go anywhere system.
2 way KR patented Pressurite Gun - Two grease guns in one
High pressure / High volume switch - Can deliver up to 5,000psi on the high volume setting or 10,000psi on the high pressure setting
Pressurite gun offers high volume greasing up to 5,000psi - High volume greasing offers superior performance compared to hand held manual grease guns
Pressurite gun offers high pressure greasing up to 10,000psi - Air operated performance, clears blocked or damaged grease nipples
Fully sealed greasing system - Clean grease to the bearing every time
Handles most greases up to NLGI No.2 viscosity - Versatility of use
Easy push-down foot operated, spring loaded pump - Provides 30 shots at the gun, no pressure developed in container, allows one-handed operation
Rubber edged follower plate - Wipes container clean to use all of the grease in the container, prevents air pockets and contamination
KY Supergrip™ Coupler - Positive, no leak connection. Ensures grease gets to the bearing
Inbuilt grease strainer - Ensures clean grease to the bearing
Fully repairable - Provides a longer service life
5m grease delivery hose - Easy to reach difficult applications, transfer only / Maximum 280psi
360° swivel to gun - Prevents hose kinking / twisting. Easy one handed operation
Range of push-on / quick release greasing accessories available - Increased versatility / flexibility for dif- ferent applications

Technical Specifications
High volume delivery pressure up to 34,450kPa (5,000psi)
High pressure delivery pressure up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
Provides up to 30 shots of grease with each prime
KY SUPERGRIP™ 3 jaw high pressure coupler
Up to 0.45g per shot (High pressure setting)
Up to 1.25g per shot (High volume setting)
Maximum viscosity - Up to NLGI 2
Compatible with 2.5kg/1 Gallon grease containers for contamination free greasing or bulk fill via a J2 Transfer Pump
Wetted parts - Aluminium, steel, nitrile rubber
5m Flexible delivery hose

Package Includes
K7 MINILUBE® Portable Greasing system
1.5m Flexible delivery hose
Follower plate
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