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Ingersoll Rand Pro Series Metallic And Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump


Ingersoll Rand Pro Series Metallic And Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump

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  • Brand:
  • Ingersoll Rand
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  • Diaphragm Pump
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  • Pro Series
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  • A&S Pump Co.,Ltd


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ARO's INDUSTRIAL GRADE, Pro-Series Diaphragm Pumps provide high performance and stall-free reliability. With flow rates up to 237 GPM (897 LPM) and a large range of material and porting configurations, we have the right pump to match your application needs.

1" Pro Series Non-metallic: 6661A3-3EB-C, 6661A3-344-C, 6661B3-344-C, 6661A4-444-C, 6661B4-444-C

1" Pro Series Non-Metallic: 6661T3-3EB-C, 6661T3-344-C, 6661U3-344-C, 6661U4-444-C

2" Ports Non-Metallic: 6662A3-3EB-C, 6662A3-344-C, 6662B3-344-C

1" Pro series Metallic: 666100-344-C, 666101-344-C, 666101-3EB-C, 666112-8EB-C

1" Pro Series Non-Metallic: 666150-3EB-C, 666150-3C9-C, 666152-3EB-C, 666151-3EB-C, 666161-3EB-C

2" Ports Non-Metallic: 666250-9C9-C, 666250-EEB-C,666250-144-C, 666270-9C9-C, 666270-EEB-C, 66625B-9C9-C, 66625B-EEB-C, 66625C-9C9-C, 66625C-EEB-C

3" Pro Series Metallic: 666300-EEB-C, 666300-144-C,666300-9C9-C, 666320-EEB-C, 666320-144-C, 66630B-9C9-C, 66630C-EEB-C, 66630C-G22-C
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